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Waste 3 minutes here

What would it take for a person to become proficient at skateboarding… with his fingers? How much time did he spend getting the angles right, filming the segments, editing to work with this score? Wild commitment…

This guy’s like the Rodney Mullen of finger boarding…

What skateboarding wrought

Maybe it’s my own biased point of view but when I see videos like the Nike one below my mind snaps back to the birth of street skating in the late 80s. Skateboarding prior to this was mostly oriented around vertical surfaces (pools, parks and pipes). The eventual lack of access to these things forced us all onto the street.

If we couldn’t smith grind a half pipe maybe we could grind that handrail. At this same time the small, hand-held video cam was being birthed. These two forces came together and the follow cam POV was born.

It’s for this reason that the soccer video below, created by Wieden+Kennedy, feels like an extension of early Spike Jones skate films. First take a sip of a more modern-day Spike film.

And on to the soccer. I love this film. Great visual editing, soundtrack and energy. Makes me want to put my knees in harms way and jump into a game of weekend warrior soccer.


Exporting skateboarding culture to Cuba

America’s rankings may have slipped in a few different categories but it still appears to be a central hub for ideas.

From Hollywood to Harley Davidson, the United States puts a premium on ideas and the commercialization of those ideas. Of course, we also see the world as our marketplace; it won’t be long before you can Uber to your destination after landing in Santiago, Chile.

However, some ideas aren’t about money and marketshare but instead about nudging a culture in a particular direction. Skateboarding is one such idea.

Skateboarding at it’s essence is about freedom, personal mobility and individualism. Oh yea, it’s also about surfing land and in some spheres has evolved into something approaching technical platform diving.

Skateboarding was born in California and like a virus has spread to every region paying attention to west coast trends.

I grew up in a small midwestern town that might as well have been a Norman Rockwell painting. It was gorgeous and quaint with two waterfalls cascading though the middle of the town… but it didn’t have any skateboarding. My friends and I ordered mail order boards and injected skating into that bucolic culture.

For that reason this film resonates with me. It reminds me how cultural ideas spread, even to areas without persistent access to broadband.

As skateboarding DNA is introduced to Cuba the tribe expands, again.

Family time – Cycle Zombies

I love this film.

This crew, this family… has it’s own soundtrack and vibe.

Motorcycles, skateboarding, surfing and family… all embracing the DIY ethic.

Skate dream – Andy Davis Randall Christopher

Of the dozens of blog feeds I read one I always make a point to get to is Andy Davis’ curated picture feed. I love it.

I also dig Andy’s Dr-Seuss-meets-Gerry-Lopez art. Check out his work here.

The following video, yet another collab with his animator pal Randall, brings these words together and captures the essence of how skateboarders see the world (and perhaps dream).

If there is a ramp or incline, we mind-skate it. If there is a pool, we check the transitions and coping. We can’t see a ledge without imagining how we would skate it.

Love this simple gem.


I grew up skateboarding and more than anything else it taught me self-empowerment.

When I wanted to play I didn’t need to find others to form a team, I could skate by myself. I didn’t need a court or a field… America’s love of concrete gave birth to an endless canvas to skate. I could also make use of empty pools or make my own ramps. When my board broke I could fix it easily.

Growing up my dad taught me a ton… so did my skateboard.

That is why I love this video.

The idea of exporting skateboarding to the middle east makes me smile. The idea of empowering girls to skate in places like Afganistan… makes my day.

With all the turmoil in the middle east… here is a flower.

Skateable architecture

My dad was telling me the woes of the golf industry recently, the short version is that it’s on a decline. No wonder it’s in a slump… five hours and $200 per session is a pretty large filter.

Then, a few days later I walked off a stage in DC and a bunch of surfers walked up to me… and it occurred to me that what was once considered “fringe” (most board sports) is now mainstream.

And that brings me to skateable architecture.


These pics are from the “At First We Take Museums” exhibit at the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art in Finland. Rich Holland has created something visually beautiful and spiked the imagination of every skateboarder who will set their eyes (or wheels) on these forms.

Maybe it’s because I grew up skateboarding but these forms make sense to me. Why wouldn’t you design a space to, literally, flow like this? Further, why not let skaters take it over from time to time?




Taking this a step further is the PAS house designed to skate in. I’ve heard of a few others out there… hmmm… maybe it’s time for me to build a halfpipe… in the family room.

Flying through Los Angeles

It’s always best to go forward.


This video by Colin Kennedy does that. It provides a driven and raw view into the city of angels. It reminds us that LA isn’t the prettiest cities on the globe… not even close. Still, you have to love the intensity of the skater (Austyn Gillette), the dense editing and the well-timed soundscape.

Ladies and gents, speeding through Los Angeles.

The best electric vehicle on the market is a skateboard

Forget the Leaf or the Volt… you can powerslide this puppy.

Ok so… it’s not actually ON the market. It’s a Kickstarter project but admit it… it’s  the coolest electric vehicle you’ve ever seen. Simple. Portable. Potent.

No wonder they’ve already raised 4X what they’re seeking and they have 12 days to go. More here.

When surfing and skateboarding were one

There was a time when the sport of surfing was the dominant player in what is today known as “action sports.” Skateboarding and snowboarding, for the most part, barely existed.

The transition era has been well documented and I can’t add anything to what’s already been said.

And yet I’m drawn to this single clip of Greg Weaver. We could take away the skateboard and put a longboard (surfboard) under his feet… everything is the same from the ankles up.

Beautiful footage back from the days when surfing and skateboarding were one.