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On a positive note

This has been swirling in my head for a year, today feels like an apropos day to share. Think of it as a potential silver lining to current events…

apathyApathy is the single largest challenge facing most causes (and the entire nonprofit sector). World hunger could be solved for $30B (4% of US’s defense budget). Truth is many planet-sized issues are solvable if we cared enough to engage and prioritize resources to fix them.

hateSomething I learned after spending a decade with activists is that few (of any of us) were born activists. Activists are forged by external events like war, cancer, racism, or sexism. Such events or circumstances fuel engagement; they shift individuals and can reorient culture. It’s clear in today’s current events that many are moving away from apathy and towards activism. Such activism won’t just be aimed at politics, brands will increasingly be targeted.

purposeIt’s my opinion that the rise in purpose-driven brands can be tied to the rise of mobile (which is eating the world) – when we have easy access to the truth, we act on it. This pertains to our spending. I believe the rise of political activism will overflow and provide another booster rocket to purpose-driven brands (and accelerate the demise of brands that don’t stand for much).

So… One reason to re-embrace a spirit of optimism today is because such events can be fuel. The question becomes how are we going to burn the new energy?