Surfing powder (sans bindings)

I grew up skateboarding and snowboarding in the seventies. We all know what was happening on the skateboard side as it’s been chronicled with films like Dogtown and Z-boys. It’s clear that skating during that era was all about emulating surfing… people like Larry Bertlemann. What’s also clear is that snowboarding was pretty much about the same thing.

This was the pre-technical trick era. Skateboarding and snowboarding looked more like surfing. Today both skateboarding and snowboarding look more like ice-skating, all about landing one technical trick regardless of style or flow.

This film, shot at the epicenter of powder skiing (Alta), looks like it captures the essence of snowboarding in deep powder perhaps more than any other film. I say that boastful statement because there aren’t bindings on these boards. If you catch a rail on a carve you go down. Having no bindings also opens up some new doors.

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