Post modern flag for Europe

In 2001, when Brussels became the center of the European universe, architect Rem Koolhaus was asked to come up with a flag design for the newly formed union.

He delivered “the barcode” to the left.

I adore it.

A unique element of the flag was that it was designed to change, morph, and evolve. As new Member States of the EU came online their colors would be added without space constraints.


Of course we also know the design which was chosen. I’m fond of this one as well.

Simple, elegant and timeless. The color pallet that suggests a historic stature.

The member state issue (adding stars when new members join) wasn’t taken into consideration. The twelve stars mirror the twelve founding members. Also interesting this flag was created in 1955, a full 30 years before the European Union came into existence. More on that history here.

Both designs have their merit but the Koolhaus design is… perfect.

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