Handmade mechanical watches from Brooklyn

Ever since I could tell the difference between an automatic watch and everything else… I was smitten with the former. As all-things-digital have become more commonplace this love for analog, mechanical watches has only deepened.

My first automatic was a Seiko Diver’s watch I bought off a fisherman at a flea market somewhere in the Florida Keys. I’ll never forget that moment or that watch (which I lost surfing a decade or so ago).

An automatic watch does not necessarily equate to a high-priced watch but all high-priced watches are automatics. This relationship simply suggests that watches that aren’t automatic were designed as a disposable or semi-disposable consumer product. For proof of this go ahead and list your favorite quartz on eBay.

The below video caught my eye as I heard about the “modding” movement a few years ago. Modding is when people take existing product and modify it. It’s not a new phenomenon, I’ve modded more than a few consumer products over the years… but this one seemed… more interesting. I ended up connecting with a person in Hong Kong who was starting with Seiko 5 movements and essentially custom making watches. It made perfect sense… why not take high-quality watch movements and… create something new, something better?

This isn’t an Asian phenomenon… as this video proves.

Straight outta Brooklyn.

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