You are the architect and your house will be round

3D-printing is entering the realm of the mainstream. From custom, on-demand and on location created products to… houses.

Think of the most amazing structures on the planet… China’s bird’s nest or China’s CCTV bulding… now boot up a CAD program and design your own house and have it printed where you want it.

The meat of this vid starts 2:20 in.


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  1. Hmm. Very cool but i don’t buy the fact that there would be a negative impact on the construction workforce. Many farmers went into construction as a necessity but the skill sets needed were compatible and comparable to those that a lot of farmers and ranchers needed to operate their businesses. This would take a huge educational upgrade in skill sets leaving a good portion of the construction labor force stranded.

    • jmoriarty,

      I totally hear (and agree) with you. I think all of these shifts have impacts on workforces of all kinds. Sometimes those are positive and other times they are negative. The introduction of television cratered physical playhouses (and the related workforces) and created another industry (arguably not better…). That video shifted my thinking a bit, especially when it talked about non-square building resiliency.

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