Behind the creative curtain with Kishi Bashi

I love it when artists show us their creative process. It’s amazing to see a painter create a visual metaphor of an idea and equally cool to watch a musician compose right in front of your eyes.

The ultimate related to “seeing” an artist create is The Mystery of Picasso as it enables us to see Picasso work from the point of view of the canvas itself. It’s almost hard to imagine what it would be like to watch artists of the caliper create and yet the Picasso film delivers that level of experience.

And so I point to this podcast with Kishi Bashi. It’s as much about peering behind the creative curtain as it is about hearing the sonic mess that comes out the other side. Oh… and I dig the sonic mess.

Listen to the podcast first and then check out the Kishi Bashi a tiny desk concert video.

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