Simplifying the user experience

The best interfaces are the ones you never notice.

Among my favorite user interface is the dashboard on a late 70s Jeep CJ7.

Unlike modern vehicles that embrace a “more is more” mentality the CJ dash is simple and spartan.

To me it says… eyes focused on what’s in front of you. Everything else is superfluous.

The new Master lock caught my eye for similar reasons.

We all remember using Master locks in years past… “go past the 26 one time and then on the second time around stop on it and go to 15… wait did I just go to 24 instead of 26?”

It took concentration to open your lock with one try. That is sign of a poor interface.

Look at the revised interface to the left. Instead of the standard number sequence it works with a series of up-down and left-right movements.

Which do you think would be easier for an 8 year old? How about an 80 year old? Blind person?

Nice reinterpretation of a product we  probably all thought was as good as it could be.


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