The $9 cardboard bicycle

I’ve always been smitten with alternative materials… including cardboard.

Cardboard has very high strength-to-weight characteristics, wide-scale availability and even looks great. It looks natural… almost like the wood it came from.

Years ago Frank Gehry’s cardboard chairs captured my imagination for these reasons. They are fun, light, surprisingly comfortable… but they aren’t exactly “design within reach.” It’s this last point that always rubbed me the wrong way. $1,000 for a chair made of cardboard feels extremely exclusive… not exactly an option for a person looking for an alternative to Ikea.

I love everything about the story told in the video below.

I love that everyone told him it couldn’t be done. (why do we do that… why do we have such a tiny amount of imagination for what is possible?) I love that he didn’t listen. I love that his wife supported his exploration and his vision. I love that he struggled with process. I love the price point. I love that there is a kids version.

I love… this story.

Izhar cardboard bike project from Giora Kariv on Vimeo.

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