Another galaxy lands in Beijing

The Galaxy Soho, a project by Zaha Hadid Architects, was unveiled in Beijing earlier this month.

The word “moonscape” comes to mind.

The above photograph by Ben Lepley captures the spacey vibe, clean colors and flowing lines. A plethora of other photos can be found on the architects site here.

What I love beyond the organic forms and shifting landscape is the fact that the entire complex is only 15 stories high. It’s approachable even by pedestrians.

It’s hard to make a statement in a city unless you go up and odd. Yet many of the taller projects are hard to truly grasp and/or appreciate unless you have a very specific vantage point which isn’t crowded by other, competing projects.

Smaller projects somehow seem more human-scale. I love this complex and look forward to the day I can see it in-person.

Great little video below as well. It’s wonderful to have this spoken about by locals living in and around the construction and project. Wild juxtaposition between new and old… which has become a quintessentially Beijing attribute.

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