If this then that

Problem. Your aged pet can’t take the summer heat but you don’t want to spring for air conditioning 24×7.

Solution. Pop the air conditioner into a web-connected outlet (wemo), set up a conditional statement at IFTTT (if this then that) that looks at average temps on your street and if temps hit 75 the air conditioner turns on.

We’ve lived with conditional triggers in the financial markets for a long time. If Apple hits 600, sell 50% of holdings. Same with home thermostats, if temps fall below 60 turn the heat on.

Now you can employ conditional triggers elsewhere.

  • Every Monday email me the gas  station within 5 miles of my house with the lowest price for 89 octane
  • When the Bones Brigade doc is being streamed on Netflix, email me a heads up
  • Email me the Kindle Top 100 free book list every three months
  • Text my phone every day the tide is under 3 feet and the swell is over 4 feet with a Western orientation
  • Save ever Instagram post I make to my Dropbox account
  • Etc.

More ideas for here.

I’m not drawn the the gadget element with this… I’m attracted to the larger idea that logical triggers are now seeping outside of the developer realm and into the mainstream. I’ll be watching to see when my mom adopts this…


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  1. This is a very well written; insightful piece. I’m astonished to see it only has one comment.

    The drone-cam of pipeline is a real eye-opener. *blink* Everything just changed.

    Do you have any insights as to the bottleneck challenges being faced by limitations on bandwidth for live-stream broadcasting (effectively) from this slate of new technologies.

    I’m a newb to video and mobile nitty gritty; but it seems like google glass and drone-cams are being held back because it’s not practical (yet) to broadcast real time. Choke point being two-fold; live-stream is the largest hog to date – and mobile is the smallest pipe. Yeah, yeah, yeah – I know – Moore said it take another 18 months to fix that – and if it’s not fixed – give it 18 more months. LOL.

    But who wants to wait 3 years when opportunity to strike it rich is right now – if you can break the bottle-neck so-to-speak.

    BTW – I’m an absolute evangelist about naked functionality. You said it so well – I’m going to begin using your line:

    “The best app is the one you can’t see… it’s transparent… you look past it and see the task at hand.”

    • jmoriarty,

      Thanks Chris. That drone cam is interesting on a few levels. First, the footage is insane. So good. Second, surfers are starting to hate these things. They haven’t really even been born and they are already getting slammed. I hear they are a bit noisy. Regarding video bottlenecks, you hit the nail on the head. I think one thing shifts those issues though and that is resolution. I.e. if you want to pipe HD live feeds from Bali to a phone then yes… bottleneck. But if you want to pipe the near-live images (at lower res) to… anything… not an issue. Surfline does this today kinda well. Thanks for the comment.


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