Kursaal Auditorium, San Sebastián

The first time I saw the Kursaal Auditorium I was hooked. It was late and if my memory serves me right I was trying to check the surf.

On water’s edge of a traditional Spanish port city, north of the Basque Country, was this lit-up wedge, slicing into the night. It was gorgeous.

A few short years later a deeper connection with the space came together.

We hosted our Global Wave Conference at this site. Wave and coastal conservation mavens from around the planet worked hard inside all day, basking in it’s luminescence and shadows, sharing protection strategies and tactics.

During lunch and after the days work most of us surfed out front as a swell slammed into the coast just a stones throw from the base of the building. Everything about that experience is seared into my memory.

Above is an interior shot and below an exterior shot.

If you get to San Sebastián make this building a stop.

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