Urban motocross and the hyper-fragmentation of everything

The first time I saw this trailer I was blown away.

The truth is that I probably over-reacted… I should have assumed that anything from anywhere is potentially applicable everywhere else.

The world we live in is now a place where all the dots have been connected.

Everything is shared, everything is consumed, elements are reinterpreted, seeds are planted, wild mutations take root… unlikely, odd blossoms are seen instantly by… everyone. The cycle repeats itself… endlessly.

NWA meets Supercross meets The Outsiders… this film feels like multiple films were haphazardly, genetically spliced together.

Wild in the streets. 12 O’Clock Boys. Yes, it was funded via Kickstarter.


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  1. Paddy,

    Is it possible for something to be cooler than the Wire?

  2. I really like your wp design, exactly where did you down load it from?

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