Real is the new slick

As more and more of life becomes pixel-perfect there is a space… and a market for things which are imperfect.


Don’t get me wrong, I love insanely well designed user experiences like Feedly. What I’m saying is in the midst of the auto-tuned, perfect pitch singers and 24x7x365 killer apps, and homogeneous prepared foods… we sense their inherent shallowness.

Would you rather drink a microbrew or a Bud?

Formica veneer or solid teak?

This isn’t my theory or even novel. From Stumptown coffee to Brooklyn bespoke mini-industries… real is the new slick.

This brings me to films like The Harder They Come.

This 1972 movie was shot in Jamaica for what looks like not a lot of money and traces a simple arc of a criminal who yearns to be a music star. Like many Hollywood films it’s not exceptional because of the story but because of the overall… feel. The Harder They Come reminds us of why we loved Bladerunner’s grit and found Star Wars a tad too antiseptic.

This film goes past many period pieces which deliver visually but fall apart sonically. If the visuals of this film don’t reign you in the soundtrack surely will. The reggae-staple album is worthy from the opening track the the final melodies.

I love films like this. I sometimes find myself yearning for a sense of realness found in films like this one when I watch this seasons blockbuster.

When everything is perfect, give me imperfection… and give it a great soundtrack. Watch this entire film here.

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