Skateable architecture

My dad was telling me the woes of the golf industry recently, the short version is that it’s on a decline. No wonder it’s in a slump… five hours and $200 per session is a pretty large filter.

Then, a few days later I walked off a stage in DC and a bunch of surfers walked up to me… and it occurred to me that what was once considered “fringe” (most board sports) is now mainstream.

And that brings me to skateable architecture.


These pics are from the “At First We Take Museums” exhibit at the Kiasma Museum of Modern Art in Finland. Rich Holland has created something visually beautiful and spiked the imagination of every skateboarder who will set their eyes (or wheels) on these forms.

Maybe it’s because I grew up skateboarding but these forms make sense to me. Why wouldn’t you design a space to, literally, flow like this? Further, why not let skaters take it over from time to time?




Taking this a step further is the PAS house designed to skate in. I’ve heard of a few others out there… hmmm… maybe it’s time for me to build a halfpipe… in the family room.


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