The most modern transportation on the planet?

I don’t think the Leaf or the Tesla represent the most modern transportation options available to the public, I think this (electric assist) bike very well may be.


Here’s why this may be the best option out there.

1. It’s healthy. We all know the foods we eat are too fattening and the exercise opportunities we embrace are too limited. Skip the latte, bike to work… you’ll wake up soon enough.

2. It get’s you from point A to point B with a tiny amount of energy. It goes 30+ miles on a three hour charge (battery is in the top tube). Take the train most of the way and this puppy the rest of the way.

3. It doesn’t require massive amounts of energy to make. There is a dirty little secret with electric cars, they take a ton of energy to make. Yea, that also applies here… just less so.

4. It’s fun. Last time I was in D.C. I jumped on their new bikeshare program. It was the most fun I had the entire time I was there… ok, that’s not saying much. “Joy” and “DC” tend not to accompany one another in the same sentences. Still, grab a bike next time you’re there and I bet you’ll crack a smile.

5. It’s an option. D.C., Paris, New York… bike lanes are the new black. Or maybe urban composting is the new black… nevertheless it’s great that more and more cities are embracing bikes as an option for commuters and tourists alike. Of course US cities are followers here, lots of cities abroad have been bike friendly for decades.

6. This particular bike looks better than the next Tron-inspired alternative. Less is more. Look at this bike! It’s gorgeous. Leave it to the Dutch to come up with something this clean.

Spiffy video below. Their site is here.

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