Stacking large boxes in Singapore

Some ideas are so… so simple. This is one of them.

I remember designing a structure when I was a kid. It was two rectangles, one on top of the other. The upper half was twisted off to one side. It looked a lot like… this.sing
Sometimes we think “past” an idea. We make it more complex because we believe it needs to be complex to be novel or interesting. Complexity, most times, dilutes the essence of the original idea and introduces users to tangents of the main idea. Complexity confuses.

I’m intrigued by The Interlace project in Singapore for these reasons. On one level it is simple. Just twisted boxes on top of each other. Yet on another level the angles introduce new ways for communities to interact, new places for gardens and communal spaces to develop. I bet the shadows are also fairly interesting throughout the year. Instead of vertical high-rise shadows this complex yields more interesting… geometry-inspired shadows.

It was designed by Ole Scheeren from OMA in the Netherlands. I have no idea about the green/LEED elements of this project, I just love the simple yet novel design. 

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