Minimalist design of popular TV shows


I’m fascinated with minimalism.

What drives this fascination is the plethora of junk in our daily lives. As we all know, the DIY movement has enabled everyone to become an author, a photographer, a designer… etc. While this is good it has also created quite a bit of mediocrity.

We’ve gone from a handfull of TV channels in the 70’s to dozens in the 90’s to thousands today… there is a whole lot of content out there and the truth is that most of it is bad.

It’s hard to pare away all the superfluous elements of design and tell a story with the simplest graphical representation possible.

This brings me to Albert Exergian.

He’s an Austrian designer who is also into TV… so he’s created a bunch of simple minimalist posters. The MacGyver poster leads the pack for me but check out Kojak, Charlie’s Angels and The Sopranos.

Albert’s blog is here.

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