The rise of drone-powered surf-cam videos

drone1We have seen the future of surfing video and it’s drone-enabled.

Let’s face it, drones have a bad reputation due to their association with wars but there has been a quietly rising interest in hobby drones. Chris Anderson, previous head of WIRED Mag, started the site DIY Drones a bit ago… and things are starting to move into the mainstream.

I love when a military app pivots into the mainstream. One of the largest such shifts happened when Netscape took the DARPA-created internet (pdf) and popped a consumer-oriented browser on the early, nascent web.

Something similar is happening right now with drones.

If you’re a surfer you’ve seen a plethora of surfing photography and surf films… we engage with those because we want to get closer to the wave… back to the experience of surfing a wave. The simple truth is that photos are static and films are usually anchored to a specific location… and riding a wave is much more fluid.

Enter the drones… below are two, worthy, videos of among the best waves in the world. The “drone-selfie” will not be far behind.

Pipeline, Oahu… as gorgeous as you’ve ever seen it.

Rincon, California. Mother of all right point breaks.

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