Exporting skateboarding culture to Cuba

America’s rankings may have slipped in a few different categories but it still appears to be a central hub for ideas.

From Hollywood to Harley Davidson, the United States puts a premium on ideas and the commercialization of those ideas. Of course, we also see the world as our marketplace; it won’t be long before you can Uber to your destination after landing in Santiago, Chile.

However, some ideas aren’t about money and marketshare but instead about nudging a culture in a particular direction. Skateboarding is one such idea.

Skateboarding at it’s essence is about freedom, personal mobility and individualism. Oh yea, it’s also about surfing land and in some spheres has evolved into something approaching technical platform diving.

Skateboarding was born in California and like a virus has spread to every region paying attention to west coast trends.

I grew up in a small midwestern town that might as well have been a Norman Rockwell painting. It was gorgeous and quaint with two waterfalls cascading though the middle of the town… but it didn’t have any skateboarding. My friends and I ordered mail order boards and injected skating into that bucolic culture.

For that reason this film resonates with me. It reminds me how cultural ideas spread, even to areas without persistent access to broadband.

As skateboarding DNA is introduced to Cuba the tribe expands, again.