Painting the town red, blue, yellow, green, chartreuse, beige…

1Stripes seem to be having a moment.

Everywhere we look we see stripes. The Meininger Hotel Berlin Airport offers one more example.

Think of every building you’ve ever seen… ok now think of the color scheme of every building you’ve ever seen. I’m guessing your brain isn’t overflowing with color.

99% of buildings are predicable, gray, boring… one-dimensional. It’s almost like architecture lost its color pallet, entirely.

Enter the Meininger. It may be the complete opposite of every building in your memory bank; it has the look of a large-scale fantastical color experiment.


2When I first saw photos of this structure my memory was tugged back to Rem Koolhause’s European Flag proposal.

Rem’s flag is perhaps the most interesting, fresh and modern flag design outside of a design class experiment. And that, the fact that his flag was passed over (officials opted for the instant-classic ring of stars), draws me to this building even more.

This building is not a concept sketch. It’s real. That gives it heft and meaning. We’ve all seen concept car sketches we knew would never make it into the mainstream.

It’s one thing to propose radical change and another thing entirely to follow through.

3I love this building on multiple levels.

I love the stark lines; i love the harsh rectilinear forms stacked up like a Lego experiment.

I dig the flatness of the colors and their random application. The non-patterned lines make it clear this is not a rainbow or some other cliche pattern. I also love the way the light plays across the shapes, highlighting a wall of stripes while making other walls fade away as if masked with a black transparent filter.

Kudos to the architect, Petersen Architekten.

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