What skateboarding wrought

Maybe it’s my own biased point of view but when I see videos like the Nike one below my mind snaps back to the birth of street skating in the late 80s. Skateboarding prior to this was mostly oriented around vertical surfaces (pools, parks and pipes). The eventual lack of access to these things forced us all onto the street.

If we couldn’t smith grind a half pipe maybe we could grind that handrail. At this same time the small, hand-held video cam was being birthed. These two forces came together and the follow cam POV was born.

It’s for this reason that the soccer video below, created by Wieden+Kennedy, feels like an extension of early Spike Jones skate films. First take a sip of a more modern-day Spike film.

And on to the soccer. I love this film. Great visual editing, soundtrack and energy. Makes me want to put my knees in harms way and jump into a game of weekend warrior soccer.