Norway’s new museum-worthy currency


We’ve all been so heads down, focused on ecommerce for the past decade, that maybe we’ve missed a quite little evolution… revolution in physical currency.

The-Metric-System-Norwegian-Living-Space1Sure, we hear about changes in currency connected to the cat-and-mouse game of counterfeiters and money laundering but when was the last time you looked at, really took some time and looked at, the currency in your pocket.

Many of us don’t even carry physical currency around any longer. We buy off the internet, pay for coffee with our phones and count the days until we don’t have to carry credit cards around any more.

But… look at that 100 Kroner bill from Norway.

It’s… gorgeous.

The top note could be in a museum.

It reminds me of how wonderful it is to be in a foreign location with a pocketful of unfamiliar, beautiful colorful paper. Ah, the joys of foreign currency.

Love this execution.