Xanadu 12 hours south of US border

Scorpion Bay, Mexico is a somewhat of a primitive yet singular surfing destination 650 to 890 miles south of Tijuana… depending on the route you take.

That statement describes half of what this destination is about.

It’s 12 hours south of the border but you might not get there the most direct way so don’t expect to arrive on schedule. It embodies all things that are “deep Baja” and draws those seeking nearshore bathymetry (wave formation) excellence that isn’t found elsewhere on the planet.

The waves are so long you walk back to the peak instead of paddling.

Scorpion Bay is on the west coast of Baja California Sur, north of Magdalena Bay, south of San Ignacio Lagoon. If you surf, it’s a top-ten wave to be sampled at least a few times.

The statement that sums up the other half of Scorpion Bay is this 5 minute film.

Mute the soundtrack, watch these peelers. Name a right point break with a longer wave… you can not.