America’s best idea is National Parks

I’ve heard it argued that baseball is America’s best idea. That makes sense, it’s a great game with a fair amount of history and color… but in my opinion it’s not America’s best idea.

I’ve also heard people make the case that Jazz is our best idea. Of course Jazz isn’t really Jazz without including the Blues. The argument for this being a better idea than baseball makes sense to me. Blues and Jazz have provided a taproot for so much of what we’ve come to love as modern music… meaning ALL music from the last 100 years. Baseball is a bit more of a stand-alone node on the sports network.

One could also suggest that the Internet (and the web) is our best idea. Again, this argument would be a notable one. It has delivered entirely new platforms for cultures to form; it has streamlined communications and transactions of all kinds. It has, in short, created a net new world for us to explore, settle and farm.

But none of these is our BEST idea because America’s best idea is National Parks.

Our best idea is the wisdom to understand the majesty and priceless land in front of us and to protect that land in perpetuity for generations to come.

The Greeks get the nod for inventing democracy 500 years before Christ walked the earth and they left quite a legacy for introducing that idea into the world.

The United States invented National Parks and I believe it’s our best idea to date.

Pour yourself a cup of tea and settle in to watch this.

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