Falling Water by Frank Lloyd Wright

I have a vivid memory of a white water rafting trip I took in college. The truth is that the rafting itself was a bust, there was too much water and so our class 5 rapids ended up producing something not very interesting.

What snagged me and captivated my attention was a side trip. We were in deep in the heart of Pennsylvania and driving on roads surrounded by thick woods. If my memory serves me right we were lost. We saw a sign for an attraction, followed the signs and this is what we found.

Falling Water.

The idea of a home in the woods isn’t new.

The idea of modern, horizontal architecture isn’t new either.

The idea of putting a dwelling that for all intents and purposes offered a frontal-assault challenge to Bauhaus designs of that era… in the middle of a 5,100-acre nature reserve… was a radically new idea.

Even today it feels new.


After I saw this I became a bit of a Frank Lloyd Wright fan/fanatic. I remember making side trips to see places like Oak Park, Ill where one can see entire neighborhoods of his designs. I also have spent a fair amount of time walking the interior spiral of the Guggenheim in New York.

I love his comprehensive approach. He didn’t just design the structures… he designed tables and chairs. He designed the napkin rings.

And yet after it all I still come back to this house. It’s beyond what most people would enable themselves to dream. It’s peaceful, it’s elegant, it has a stream running thorough it. To cap it all off it has it’s own soundtrack, falling water.


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