Artificial intelligence peeks it’s head out

The truth is that AI (artificial intelligence) is much different than we thought it would be… and even though we haven’t noticed it… it’s been around us for a while.

It’s hasn’t turned out (yet) to be the fictitious, comical, versions we’ve saw in 70s campy comics like The Jetsons. It’s also not (yet) the darker, angst-filled versions we’ve seen in every sci-fi film of the last two decades.

The simple truth is that AI get’s our luggage on the right plane, it routes our snail mail and email, it helps us tune a Pandora station, it helps us pick equities and suggests books for us to read.

It’s there in the background, it just hasn’t been very noticeable.

That is about to change.

Apple’s Siri delivers a true leap forward without a phone face-lift. Think of it more as a phone brain-lift. Kudos to the team at Apple again for making computing easier to engage with.

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