CCTV: Going up and then left

The CCTV building (left) by Rem Koolhaus rises above all the major architectural feats of the last decade.

The structure offers a near-perfect representation of this era; the building mixes stark, modern lines and takes healthy advantage of complex math-fueled computer-aided design. But in today’s day and age that’s not enough to stand out… a number of buildings do those things. The Bird’s Nest (鸟巢) comes to mind with it’s complete lack of symmetry. And of course Gehry’s fantastical forms seem to have more in common with sculpture than they do with architecture.

The reason this building rises above the others, at least to me, is because it rises so differently.

I cannot think of another building in the world, let alone a major work, that rises perpendicular to the earth and then takes two ninety degrees turns before it acknowledges the laws of gravity and continues back toward ground.

This building is beyond what most people could even imagine to be possible and for that reason… I love it.

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