Make more waves, surf them longer

Surf smooth, not jerky

The pintail outline is an overlooked gem, enables deep takeoffs and delivers traction and control

Low entry rocker, slight hull nose, single to V out the back

Maximum water flow, better hold

This shape is fun from just sub-6′ to 8′

Pioneers of this shape: Downing, McTavish, Brewer, Aipa & Diffenderfer


Loose, pivoty, fast

Proven templates with modern rails and contours

Tail width delivers stability, minimizes rail line and loosens things up

Early entry rocker, down rails and a V out the back

A skateboard for small waves

Small or long (6′ nice sweet spot)


Speed and flow

Go fast without sacrificing the buttery-smooth feel of a singlefin, these boards fly

Make sections you didn’t think possible

Super fun from sub 6′ to 7’ish


From user-friendly 2+1s to stringerless experiments

Oh, and an occasional log